How to put coursework on a resume

How to put coursework on a resume
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Course work is the simplest form of scientific research. The objectives of the course work: more deeply acquainted with the content of the scientific problem, its historical ambiguity; acquire the skills of an independent theoretical analysis of the problem; master the logical description of the research done. In addition, with the help of coursework teachers in the department select students for specialization, as many do not look very good at tests, have not yet mastered the skill of a clear statement of their knowledge. Not everyone has a temperament debater, ready to speak at the seminars, and therefore they are not particularly visible in the classroom.

But if a person has the ability to scientific analytical work, he will be able to write a good term paper. Topics are given by the teacher in October, students choose the most interesting for themselves and in one or two weeks they report to the dean’s office. You need to choose intelligently and at the same time quickly: the number of topics is limited, and your teammates also have their own plans for the current year. If desired, you can and reformulate (change) the topic of work, which is always agreed with the teacher.

Since the goal of the course is to develop the skills of scientific work, you have to work closely with the teacher. Therefore, it should be borne in mind: the teacher will always be interested in the progress of your work. You will repeatedly discuss its text with him. From the results depends on the attitude to you. After the completion of the work, she will be stuck in a group with the participation of opponents from among the students, the final grade is given by the teacher. The teacher conducts weekly consultations on work, and these consultations should be visited. What for? First of all, no matter how brilliant you are, a teacher has much more scientific experience, which he will share with you completely free of charge and very willingly, since any person, including a scientist, wants to be heard. In addition, the teacher can offer you valuable ideas and recommend scientific literature. This, too, should not be neglected, since in his life he read clearly more than you, and with the authors he may just be familiar with or studied together.

Finally, the teacher never gives to those whom he did not attend. He knows the problems very well and, apparently, is not indifferent to her. No one will force you to fully agree with his conclusions. On the contrary, non-standard approach is even welcome! But you have to keep in mind that you will have to prove (substantiate) your ideas, because the teacher takes very seriously not only the topic, but also scientific objectivity.